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Specialized Services for China Fiance and Marriage Visas

Buda Law GroupFirst, let us congratulate you on your engagement or marriage. Working with U.S./Chinese couples at obtaining China K1 Fiance Visas or Marriage Visas requires a special set of skills.

At Buda Law Group we also feel you should expect 4 main elements from a good legal service.

Fast Approval.. Personal Service.. Affordable Pricing.. Peace of Mind

Take a closer look at why Buda Law Group is the best choice for U.S. petitioners immigrating Chinese loved ones.

Fast Approval

With either a China K1 Fiance Visa or a China CR1 – IR1 Marriage Visa, what makes the process go quicker and smoother is the ability to gather personal information and certified documents from not only the U.S. petitioner but also the Chinese beneficiary.

The Buda Law Group has the ability and most important, the knowledge of China and U.S. personal and legal documents needed for U.S. Immigrations. Some firms will just tell the U.S. petitioner to provide them with needed Chinese documents. This can cause delays in filing.

Just one document that will be needed is a Birth Certificate with English translation. In China it is called a Birth Notarial. Many times the U.S. petitioner or the Chinese loved one will not understand this or even where to get it. The burden falls on the U.S. petitioner to explain this to his beloved. Another legal service will just “wait” for that information. Unfortunately, so does the couple in getting their petition filed.

With Buda Law Group the Chinese language is no problem. We connect with and help your Chinese loved one collect needed information from the proper Chinese authorities. This saves the U.S. petitioner worry, time, and money.

Personal Service

Happy CoupleFor U.S. petitioners, your case is prepared personally by attorney John B. Buda. Esq. When you call the office you will speak with Mr.Buda, not a document preparation service or operator that can’t answer your legal questions. When busy with clients, Mr. Buda is prompt in returning calls and emails.

Friendly Chinese Language Support

Chinese Language SupportFor the foreign spouse/fiancee, our Chinese speaking female representative Xiaoying Marsh, will immediately open friendly communications. She is available to them through the entire process. This includes after hours, by phone, email, or QQ International.

This is one sweet gal. Xiaoying is in place to relieve stress or worry. She will review and answer questions about Chinese legal and personal documents that need to be collected. This is critical for the fast exchange of information. Xiaoying is also an excellent source of support and encouragement during preparation for the visa interview. With her friendly nature, many have stayed in touch with her years after the visa process concluded.

Affordable Pricing

In today’s busy world, many turn to the Internet for services. Don’t be fooled by rock bottom pricing and fancy pictures. We’re not shopping at Walmart when it comes to our family members! Good legal services requires time and work.

As with Buda Law Group, there is understanding that these are bad economic times. This whole process will require other purchases such as airline tickets, government processing fees, travel visas, passports, medical exams and accommodations. All this can put a strain on any budget.

For China K1 Fiance Visas and China CR1 – IR1 Marriage Visas you want your petitions filed fast and correctly. You also need professionals in place that can work closely with your Chinese loved one.

Buda Law Group offers full legal service at an affordable price.

Peace of Mind

For U.S./Chinese couples, you want a service that can prepare a Chinese spouse/fiancee for the interview process. The U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China has earned a reputation of being the strictest at issuing K1 Fiance Visas and China Marriage Visas.

The Buda Law Group specializes in helping U.S. citizens with Chinese family members be reunited in the United States. We will immediately get you started on how to produce a trail of evidence of your relationship. We can suggest free software that can provide English/Chinese translations and low cost calling companies that provide monthly phone records. This knowledge comes from our years of experience of helping U.S. Chinese couples.

The Buda Law Group has an excellent track record of dealing with the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou. With Buda Law Group, you will be prepared for anything the Guangzhou Consulate will throw at you or your fiance/spouse, and they will come out with a visa stamp afterward.

The Buda Law Group also specializes in Asylum & Refugee applicants as well as all types of employment based visa applications.

A Message From Immigration Attorney John Buda

John Buda and Family

John Buda and Family

As president of the Buda Law Group and having a wife from China, I feel a personal connection to each and every U.S./Chinese couple I have helped. My goal is to also help you bring your loved one to the United States as quickly as possible.

With a proven system of efficiency, my clients have access to me personally at all times and, to my Chinese speaking paralegal. We take pride in providing clients stress-free peace of mind. This law firm has specialized knowledge and experience for U.S. citizens immigrating Chinese loved ones.

Lets talk regarding your options for bringing your Chinese spouse, fiance, and children to the United States. After receiving your contact information below, I will give you a call. I will contact you the same or next business day.

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