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I would like to thank Buda Law Group for all the help. We especially like that Randy’s wife Xiaoying was available for Haidi. I particularly like the piece of mind knowing my paperwork was in order–this alone was worth the cost. Thank you again.

Dan & Haidi


Xiancui will arrive soon. It has been a long road but with your help it finally comes to an end. Once again, thanks so much.

John & Xiancui Gimmellie


I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all of your help. The process of bringing a loved one home from Asia is complex and more than just a little intimidating but you have been there to answer my questions and you have given me hope when it seemed there was none .
So again , Thank you and God bless you for the hope and the great help.

Tom Ledford


Randy and Xiaoying
I just want to tell you that I really appreciate your services. I know that it is truly invaluable. Without going into alot of personal details, I just want to say when I do get married this year that I will be depending on you and your “for real services” that will assist me and my wonderful future spouse. Just for the record, everytime I read your blogs it truly makes my day for these very difficult decisions and times as myself and my future wife make ready to get married. So I send this to you, so you know where I am coming from…… Maybe one day we can all meet. It would be my pleasure and my fiancee pleasure to take you both to dinner. Again Thanks For All You Do,

Greg Hensley


At this very moment my wife is talking to your Xiaoying on the phone.  I am watching and it must be a good conversation because I am seeing  her on yahoo video with a big smile. Once again thanks for the help.

Dennis and Lili  Carman

I came across Randy Marsh’s writing in May of 2010. I had just begun to consider the idea of marrying my Chinese girlfriend and wanted to know what would be involved in bringing her to the US. I quickly signed up for his newsletter and devoured everything he sent my way. He appeared very down to earth, warm and really interested in helping others through the process of bringing their Chinese wives to the US.

When he setup the China Marriage 101 Community website, I didn’t join. While I came to admire him, I felt his focus was on Marriage Visas and that wasn’t what I was after. I continued searching on the internet and got hold of a K-1 manual. I thought it was good, but changed my mind several months later. The manual had outdated forms and worse still had me trying to get police report from six states and two foreign countries.

The experience was so frustrating that I decided to engage a lawyer. The first lawyer that came to mind was Mr. John Buda who had come highly recommended by Randy. Again I didn’t do the sensible thing. I live in New York and John is in California so I thought a local attorney would be better. I picked a law firm in New Jersey with an office in Guangzhou. The lawyer proceeded to tell me that my case would be very tough because a black man with a Chinese fiancée was very unusual. She also felt that the 18 years age difference between Joyce my fiancée and I would also be a problem. To compound it all I was only recently divorced. For these reasons they would increase my fees another 50% on top of what was already a very high rate.

The very next day I put a call to John. I peppered him with questions. He must have felt that my questions were very strange, but he answered them patiently. He took his time and made me feel like I was his only client. He still does that nine months later.

I engaged him immediately and joined the China Marriage 101 community. By the way China Marriage 101 has promoted K-1 visa issues to first class on par with marriage visas. Randy quickly made us feel welcome. Having Xiaoying to talk to was a godsend for Joyce.

We filed our application on the 12th of December 2011. We received our first Notice of Action (NOA) acknowledging receipt of the application on Dec. 16 informing us that our filing date was Dec. 14. On April 10, 2012 we received the Notice of Approval from the USCIS. On April 19, 2012 our file was transferred to the NVC. Joyce received her package 3 on May 20, and package 4 interview date on May 29 for June 25. She had her interview on June 26. Ten days later she received her visa in the mail.

She joined me on the 10th of July. It has been quite a journey literally and figuratively. We appreciate the help that John, Randy and Xiaoying provided us along the way. They made the journey less onerous for us and introduced us to a great community – I visit the site frequently though I haven’t posted anything.

By the way Joyce and I visited John in his office in California in May when Joyce came on a trip to the west coast before returning to China to complete the K-1 visa process. Well that part of my concern was taken care of. We still look forward to meeting Randy and Xiaoying.

I wholeheartedly recommend the trio for anyone embarking on this same journey.

Francis Ukueberuwa

Visit our new site China Marriage 101 for our most recent testimonials.