Save Time Filing Petitions for China Marriage and Fiance Visas

China Marriage and Fiance Visa Case Management

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For U.S. petitioners, saving time bringing a Chinese spouse or fiance to the United States is of the highest priority.

The largest time savings can be achieved during the collection of Chinese supporting information.

Providing needed information for China Marriage and Fiance Visa petitions has become much faster thanks to specialized services for U.S/Chinese couples.

With Buda Law Group’s file sharing system, along with having a Chinese speaking female representative, makes the task of obtaining Chinese legal and personal information fast and worry free. BLG provides the same advanced technology for gathering information quickly and easily from the U.S. petitioner as well.

Obtaining Information Gets China Marriage and Fiance Visa Petitions Filed Fast

Chinese I-130 and I-129F Petitions

Simple Steps in English and Chinese

To obtain supporting information, BLG provides steps in English and Chinese. There are different steps for the collection of supporting documents and images needed for China Marriage and Fiance Visa petitions. With BLG’s system, both the U.S. petitioner and their Chinese beneficiary can also view information as it is collected and uploaded to their own personal folder.

Step #1 Submitting Information in Chinese For Ease and Accuracy

Step 1 Chinese I-130 and I-129F Petitions In this example, the Chinese beneficiary is taken to a form written in Chinese. For better accuracy, we prefer answers in Chinese character. With one click, the information is submitted to Buda Law office where it is professionally translated to English. Submitting answers in Chinese eliminates mistakes and is much easier for the Chinese spouse or fiance.

Step #2 Chinese Language Support and File Sharing

Step 2 Chinese I-130 and I-129F Petitions

With written instructions for the collection of legal and personal documents, your loved one is contacted by Buda Law Group’s Chinese language representative. Xiaoying Marsh is an expert on Chinese government offices, forms, and interview preparation. Xiaoying monitors email along with QQ International and We Chat for live conversation. For convenience, Xiaoying connects late nights from the U.S. which means late mornings and afternoon in China. She speaks both Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese and is available when ever your Chinese loved one may have a question.

Step #3 Petition Preparation and Signing

Step 3 Chinese I-130 and I-129F Petitions

For the U.S. petitioner, attorney Buda is available throughout the entire process. After obtaining all supporting information, a professionally prepared petition is presented to U.S. Citizens and Immigration Service for processing.

Fast Information Turnover

Buda Law Group makes it easy to submit information, documents, and images. Clients can simply and securely upload directly to their own personal folder. This includes both the U.S. petitioner and their Chinese love one overseas. In addition to easy file sharing, couples can provide information in both English and Chinese.

Better Personal Service

For attorney Buda and his Chinese language team of professionals, centralizing client files in a single workspace keeps everyone on the same page. BLG’s system provides real-time file updates and the ability to collaborate within files and folders. The result… better personal service and time savings.

Working directly with Chinese beneficiaries saves time and gets petitions filed correctly. For China Marriage and Fiance Visa petitions, put yourself and your family members in the hands of a professional team. The Buda Law Group is a specialized service for U.S./Chinese couples.

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