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Community Member Creates a Blog

Blog Post

Blog Post

At China Marriage 101 Community, members can create their own blog. A good place to share their stories about marriage in China and the process of getting their spouse to the United States.

One of our members  from Dayton Ohio wrote a blog post about his experience with China Marriage 101 and the support he received. I want to thank Kent for the kind words. You can read his blog post at China Marriage 101 Community Magazine.

No Skype Group Call This Week

Next week we will have a group call-in on Skype. The Skype to Skype call-in is open to members. But, we need to get connected first.

Skype Group Call

Group Call-In

How to be included on Skype Group Calls

  1. From your Skype dashboard, send Randy and Xiaoying an invitation to connect on Skype. My ID is available to members at the Forum under announcements. See Skype Group Calls
  2. After I accept your invitation I can include you in the China Marriage Workshop Group on Skype.
  3. Watch your email inbox for announcements on dates and times. I will call members from my Skype dashboard at the time of the call-in. Leave your webcams off. Voice only so we don’t lose our connection.

Immigration Attorney Supports our Mission

Recently I shared some emails with immigration attorney John Buda. John married in China in 2002 and lives with his wife and three lovely children in the L.A. area. John explained to me that his wife had talked with one of our members and had nothing but good things to say. So he commented at our blog.

John wants to be involved with our community. To help support our mission he has offered to write a guest post at the blog. This will be coming perhaps next week as he is quite busy. We will send subscribers  an update for John’s post.

This will be an opportunity to ask some question by leaving a comment for John.

What does China Marriage 101 and a Cup of Coffee Have in Common?

If you’re just starting out, it might seem overwhelming when you consider all of the different government offices and things you need to learn to complete your paperwork.

The Path of Your Forms and Applications

Clerk of Courts
Your states Secretary of State
Chinese Consulate/Embassy in the United States
Chinese Civil Affairs Office
Chinese Marriage Bureau
English Translations Provided by Chinese Government
U.S. Citizens and Immigration Service (USCIS)
National Visa Center (NVC)
U.S. Consulate in China

So, what does this have to do with a cup of coffee?

If you have a cup of coffee or beverage per day you will spend over $34 per month.

China Marriage 101 Community membership is half the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

Fellowship, workshop guides, checklist, and members support for the completion of the CR1 marriage visa.

But, What Do I Get?

You get a systematic and step-by-step process for completing your forms and applications.

You join a fellowship of U.S./Chinese couple that are in the process or have completed it already. A fellowship 100 members strong..

Live Chat and messaging with members for support

You get peace of mind. No stone unturned. You know where to start, what to do, and what happens next.

What Next

What Next

Are you scratching your head wondering if half the price of a cup of coffee is worth peace of mind?


Join us at China Marriage 101 Community


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