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From Immigration Attorney John Buda

On September 3, 2013, the Department of State implemented a transition to an online immigrant visa application.  This change will require immigrant visa applicants for Marriage and Fiance visas to apply online using a new form, DS-260. Applicants will also choose their agent online using form DS-261.  These forms replace the paper DS-230 and DS-3032. The DS-230 was originally used by the State Dept as the application for a Green Card, (US Permanent Residence) when the applicant was overseas and had to go through a Consular Interview.  It was also used for the frequently used Fiancé Visa.

There are definitely some pros and cons that come with this very significant immigration change. The implications that are positive are that the Department of State is taking significant steps to cut back on costs associated with the handling of all documents that come into the office. Another major encouraging result of this change is that the time for inputting this information into the database will be drastically reduced, speeding up processing times exponentially. This will also rule out the possibility of human error and further headaches. One of the largest negative implications of this change is that implementing a fully online filing system will limit applicants to those strictly with internet access. There are very many foreign immigrants that simply don’t have access to a home computer including the English literacy required to complete immigration forms .

The Immigrant Visa Application (formerly Form DS-230) now called Form DS-260 is required to be completed by every traveling immigrant seeking an immigrant visa from the U.S. Embassy.  The application form contains questions about the immigrant’s employment history, education background, marital background, etc.  At Buda Law Group, we are fully prepared to handle this transition on your behalf.  Although the change, in theory, is supposed to provide a more simple application option for completing immigration forms, it also creates a trap for applicants that will now avoid attorney help, severely lowering their chances for success.  Buda Law Group has a 100% success rate with marriage backed green card applications.

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