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Kest Gregeris, the managing director for Travel Visa Pro sent me an update on applying for a China Visa. To help answer any questions, he agreed to respond to reader comments below.

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“Effective immediately, the Chinese Consulate now requires additional documentation. According to the Chinese Consulate, if you are applying for a tourist visa you will be required to submit a travel itinerary, confirmed hotel reservation, and a copy of your hosts’ ID or an invitation from your host.”

So, how does this apply to our readers going to meet a fiance or their spouse? What will they need from their Chinese loved one to get a China Visa? Many of our readers stay with their loved ones and not at hotels.

Kest tells me that the U.S. petitioner will need an invitation letter from the person they are visiting plus a copy of their Chinese passport or national Id showing legal status in China.

The invitation should provide: ( your name, date of birth, passport number) is invited to stay in China with your spouse/fiance name, date of birth, address, with dates of arrival and departure. Then include a copy of your spouse/fiance China ID.

China Visa renewals if your a resident in China. Cody Shepherd writes:

Hi Randy,
I  currently live in Yiwu, Zhejiang with my girl. I’ve been here for almost 6 months, and I have to renew my Visa now. We have an apartment, so I won’t be flying anywhere, and I won’t be staying at a hotel. Any thoughts on this?

Then a short time later:

My visa gal got back to me already, and here’s what she wrote. Hope it helps others:

If you’re staying with friends or family in China, have them write a simple letter of invitation stating that you’ll be staying at that address, showing the residence address & phone # and a copy of their Chinese I.D. Please don’t input your U.S. residence address on the letter, as there’s also jurisdictions issues so it’s best to leave out your stateside address on that letter of Invitation from “her”.

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