Chinese Women Hold Discussions on Immigration to the USA

"Chinese Women"

Chinese women meet in Nanning

On a trip to China this month, Xiaoying (center) spoke with other Chinese women awaiting immigration to the USA. In a newsletter sent to our friends and subscribers, we shared information to make it easy for spouses of U.S. citizens who are waiting for a visa to contact Xiaoying.

While my passion has been supporting U.S. citizens with their paperwork for registering for marriage in China, Xiaoying has enjoyed the friendships that have developed with their Chinese loved ones. At home in Wisconsin, Xiaoying speaks often, through email or live chat, to answer questions about immigrations and life in the USA.

Both the U.S. and Chinese spouse have reported that this type of support has helped eliminate some of the fear of not knowing what to expect. This has been an issue with many Chinese women who are waiting for their interview at the U.S. Consulate in China.

At a dinner meeting held in Nanning on October 4th, Xiaoying discussed U.S. immigration forms and evidence of relationship. This included the items which must be collected, assembled and presented at the U.S. Consulate in China. Also in attendance were her sister Feng, and good friend Hong who are also Permanent Residents of the United States. The three ladies have first hand experience in marriage visas for CR-1 and the K-3.

Xiaoying and I have truly enjoyed our journey in helping others. From our own experience of getting married in China in 2005, it became quickly apparent that obtaining current and correct information was not going to be easy. One of the biggest hurdles for us, was finding others to talk to, who had come through this journey or were currently on the path.  I remember, at that time, thinking, what do I do first? Did I do this correctly? And then,  what’s the next step? Today, we answer those questions. We make ourselves available. We conduct research, case studies, and contact immigration attorneys when USCIS changes procedures.

To help others obtain current, correct information or to answer questions, we offer a free subscription. For all new subscribers, we also provide a free report called “China Marriage and US Immigration”. Issued in short topics for easy reading, the series offers insight into registering for marriage in China and the process of marriage visas.

To answer questions and to support or members, Xiaoying and I use email, Skype, QQ live chat from China, and the good old telephone. We use Aweber email service to provide privacy and permissions. Aweber has a strict No-Spam policy and that’s why we use the service. We hate spam as much as you do. We also provide an unsubscribe link in every mailing.


  1. Tim Robinson says:

    Welcome back to the US, Xiaoying. I hope you had a great visit. Thank you for talking with my wife, Lanlan. Understandably, Lanlan has some fear about coming to the USA and I also know you’ve been of some reassurance to her. Again, thank you.

  2. Randy Marsh says:

    Thanks for your comment Tim. Xiaoying is holding our pug Ernie in her lap and wanted me to tell you “your welcome”.

  3. Carl Caso says:

    Hi Xiaoying and Randy, I hope that Xiaoying’s trip to visit her mother, other family members and friends was enjoyable. I was really happy to see that you both have expanded your interests of helping all of us secure a better understanding of Chinese Marriage and Visas to include our wives or fiancees still living in China and awaiting their appointment date with the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou. I think it is great that Xiaoying can and will take some of her time to address to our loved one in China the perspective and view from the woman’s side and address some of the questions our wives or fiancees may have about the process from receiving the letter, to obtaining the information and to the medical examinations and interview. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This brings me to my situation. NVC had sent my wife’s file on May 5, 2010. As of today we have not heard a word from the Consulate. My wife’s name is Bin, she is becoming worried and a little anxious. I tell her it will be soon, this is the way our government operates sometimes, I tell her. If, possible, I would really like Xiaoying to chat with Bin or even e-mail Bin. I really think that Xiaoying could help Bin with her questions that maybe only Xiaoying could answer for her. If this is possible I will give you Bin’s email address. I also chat with her on Skype just about every night, so Skype would be the best way for Xiaoying and Bin to chat. I have spoken to my wife about this and she really would be happy to hear from Xiaoying. Randy, please advise me if this will possible and what are the best times for Xiaoying to chat with Bin. Thanks for all your help! I hope that one day we can meet. I had an idea that in the future, many of your subscibers and their spouses could meet maybe in Wisconsin for a weekend cookout. I am sure we would all have many similar stories and common interests. It would be great fun for all the couples. Thanks again..
    Best regards, Carl M. Caso, Marysville, Ohio

  4. Randy Marsh says:

    Hello Carl. Thanks for your comment.

    Xiaoying would be delighted to chat with Bin on Skype. She also uses QQ from China. Xiaoying is a late night person because she runs on China’s time. Every night she talks with family and friends in China and is a very social lady. She loves it! The best time to chat with her is after 10pm Central.

    Xiaoying and I both use Skype and I am about to put our contact information on the China Marriage 101 Private Facebook Group. I will try to keep it updated daily so members will know when we are both available on Skype. While Xiaoying was in China this month, I used Skype to chat with one of our members, Richard, while he was in China also. It worked very well and we had a really nice conversation. I like it because it saves time from typing emails. And, it’s more personal.

    The private group is only a couple of weeks old now and the information and sharing has been helpful to all. Members are in different stages of the immigration process and they are supporting each other through the waiting with knowledge of what will happen next.

    Carl, please contact me by email so I can get an invitation out to you. Xiaoying and I both look forward to seeing you there..

    Take care, Randy & Xiaoying

  5. Tom says:

    Randy and Xiaoying,
    My fiance Yun, came to the US and we were married in August. My job requires me to travel and Yun can not alway accompany me. She has only been involved in a few activities, English classes and yoga, and does not have a network of friends. Is there a good support group for wives from is difficult when I must travel.

  6. Randy Marsh says:

    Hi Tom
    Your timing on this question couldn’t be better. Last week we sent a newsletter out letting our readers know we will launch a Social Network soon. We wanted a way to stay in-touch with the many couples we have met in the past few years and creating a network was the way to go. The network will include paid member workshops and visa groups but there is also a free edition for messaging, email, live voice and video chat. I’m sure your wife will find many Chinese loved ones she can meet-up with. Sign-up on our newsletter to get notification. We are hoping to launch on 03/09/11. Hope to see you there.

  7. Peter Trier says:

    do you have a China version of this. my wife is in Nanning now waiting for visa. I am stuck in Minnesota as I am a tax accountant. I dearly thank you for the video attached. We have struggled with all the negative parts of internet. We have a second problem of language and the lack of privacy because of needing to use a translator for most communication that is primary. We were married 9/29/2011.
    We are trying to make sure there is nothing that will interfere. we will try to study more of what you have here. I have filed petition for Yeuzhi and her daughter who is 15 so I had to separately petition.

  8. Randy says:

    Hi Peter,

    As a member of China Marriage 101 Community, your wife will have access to Xiaoying via phone or QQ. Xiaoying is in place as a Chinese language paralegal for members and also clients of Buda Law Group.

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