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Recently, I received an email from Don D., one of our readers from Southern California. He asked if it were possible to put a button on the website for English to Chinese translation. He explained to me that his fiancee, Cindy, can read English slowly but, if she could read the information in Chinese, she could absorb it much easier and quickly.

I thought this would be a great idea for Chinese Marriage USA. Since it was close to St. Patrick’s Day, I sent out the WordPress Leprechauns in search of an English to Chinese translation plugin. When the little guys returned they brought back the translation tool you can now find under the date in each post and at the bottom of each comment. When clicking on the word translate, a drop-down box will appear. If you click on “Powered by Google” it will translate the whole page by using Google translate.

The WordPress Leprechauns had some conditions for finding their little pot of gold. As you can see, under the header, the message in Chinese on how to use the English to Chinese translation tool has a green background. This is how they like it. For now, I can’t change it.

Don D. and Cindy

My thanks goes out to Don, for his excellent idea on English to Chinese translation at the website. The tool is sure to benefit many in the future, as they plan a Chinese marriage or prepare to enter the United States as a fiance. The information Xiaoying and I share here is as important to those loved ones in China as it is to our friends in the U.S.

Don will be returning to China in the weeks to come. As he and Cindy are planning an October wedding in Wuhan. From Xiaoying and I, we send you our best wishes.

Give Don and Cindy a shout in the comment box below.

English to Chinese Translation For Correspondence

From my friend, Andy Greiner, who will be leaving for China in just five (5) days, a suggestion using a tool called the ImTranlator. As some of you remember, in my e-series, “Coming to America“, I suggested using Google Language Tools for translating email messages. That works very well, but, its kind of a pain to copy and paste the Chinese translation back to your email message.

I took Andy’s, suggested little gadget for a test drive. This powerful tool is the best translator Ive ever used, and it’s free. The ImTranslator has some built in features that only those who are planning a Chinese marriage or bringing a fiancee to the U.S. can really appreciate.

  • Evidence for Proof of Relationship – You can send email text, in both languages, directly from ImTranslator. (no copy and paste)
  • Back Translate – Allows you to change the translated text, back to English. (sometimes English words have different meanings when translated to Chinese)
  • Spell Check and Print
  • TTS Voice Engine – Allows you to practice your speaking and learning skills. Realistic animated speaking characters personalize your language experience. (the audio player allows you to replay as many times as you wish)

There are still more features with the ImTranslator. I’ve covered the ones which will be the most useful for our readers needing to establish proof of a real relationship for (USCIS), through English to Chinese translation and a Chinese marriage.

Double Happiness

Hats off to Andy G. for sharing this valuable resource. Have a great trip Andy! Wishing you and Enxiu “Double Happiness”

Send Andy and Enxiu some love in the comment box below.

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  1. Don Sharp says:

    Thanks for the info. I’m going to try it out. Can never get enough help.
    Don and Ling

  2. Don D says:

    Don, hope you find it helpful, right now, i am finding out if my transfer will go through and i will live in China for a while with my wife BiAixia (Cindy). When i want to bring her to the USA for a visit , to meet my family, I will apply for a B-2 Visa. I have been told that this is very easy as long as she can prove she will return. I think it will be funny when the customs guys ask us “Will you return??” The answer will be yes. I have built a large bank account there and this is one of the things they require for a tourist visa. My wife and i , intend to travel between both countries at will.

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