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Tonight at 8pm Central time, we are going to have our first group conference using Skype. I got the idea after watching Xiaoying’s Bible study group use the feature.

This will be open to members at China Marriage 101 Community. If we are not already connected on Skype we will need to get connected after I give you the group ID. This will allow me to add your ID to the group call.

After we connect on Skype, I will call the group from my Skype dashboard. Try to get signed up before the conference.

If you don’t have Skype, it is a free download..

For instructions, go to the “Forum” at and click “Announcements”.

Bring your question or just stop by and say hello to the group. Hope to see you tonight.

Randy & Xiaoying

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  1. John Buda says:

    Dear Randy:

    I read through all your website pages today. I think you are providing a tremendous service to couples. My Chinese wife sent me the link. We have been happily married since 2002; now we live with our 3 children in Los Angeles, CA.

    I noticed that lawyers tend to get a bad rap, though. I am an immigration lawyer in LA, and I handle many marriage based green card cases for Chinese and all races & nationalities. My fees are much lower than what I saw people saying as comments, and I know what I’m doing. I’ve never had a case rejected at any level.

    I looks like you are trying to control the flow of information through your workshops, and that is fine. In reality, it is not that hard, and many people don’t need a lawyer to manage the situation. But other people may want to retain the services of an attorney for peace of mind. Do you think there is a way that I can communicate with you to where you gain confidence in my abilities, and I can offer a legal perspective to your forum?


    John Buda

  2. Randy Marsh says:

    Welcome Mr. Buda. Thank you for leaving a comment. This blog is an open forum and I welcome anyone from the legal community to offer their expertize. In a pass post we welcomed immigration attorney Ted Huang to provide answers when USCIS announced changes to how they process immigrant visas in 2010. This came with credit and links to his law firm.

    As we are not allowed by law to give legal advice, our subscribers could benefit from the exchange of information from a legal perspective. There have been times after receiving an email that I have recommended those with inadmissible issues to seek the advice of an immigration attorney. I would be more then happy to have you as a welcomed quest. And, to build relations with our readers.

    As for the comments that get posted about lawyers by our readers, I agree. I don’t control what others say but I think in any profession there are bad apples. It only takes a few to leave a bad impression. It’s time for good immigration attorneys to step-up to social media.

    John, I consider and welcome you to be a part of this fellowship. Our goals are the same as we sit on two different sides of the same street. You as a good immigration attorney that has never had a case rejected. Myself as a researcher and reporter that conducts case studies and receives letter from those that sometimes have a bad experience.

    I do have an unpleasant advantage to information. With our free subscription I have receive thousands of email over the years. It builds in you a compassion for others. It makes me sad, and I’m sure would make you angry as a good attorney to read stories about a few bad apples.

    I have never reported on or published any of those stories because it would not do anything to help others and would be unfair to honest men. I welcome you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to do a quest post or answer questions with our readers.

    Randy Marsh

  3. Sam Martin says:

    The information provided on immigration was very useful.It is always good to know that their are blogs so dedicated to providing information that is seriously concerned with the reader’s needs.Thanks for sharing your insights with us through your blog.

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