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China Marriage 101 Community

After years of developing friendships with U.S./Chinese couple we wanted a way to stay connected. Now, not only can we deliver information that can be up-dated on a moments notice, couples can stay connected for fellowship in the years to come.

The network format will provide members a means to share wedding, travel photos, and videos with each other. In addition, messaging, broadcast and IM, voice and video.

Groups Forums

China Marriage Visa Group – IR-1, CR-1, K-3, and Direct Consular Filing (DCF)
China Fiance Visa Group – Members filing K-1 Fiance Visas
Chinese Spouse/Fiance Support – Chinese members in the U.S. offering support and encouragement… Invite your loved one to join


#1 Pre-Flight for Marriage in China

  • How to gather legal documents in the U.S. to be used to register for marriage in China.

#2 Registering for Marriage in China

  • Learn all the necessary steps for registering your marriage and collecting supporting documents for filing petitions.

#3 Filing with USCIS

  • Vital information to assist you and add to your knowledge for filing petitions.

#4 USCIS Spouse Petition Approval

  • Instructions from the National Visa Center (NVC) for Completing the Immigrant Visa Process

Information and Support from First-Hand Experience

Our success, and that of our members, is based on the principal of first-hand experience. From years of research, support, and answering questions, our foundation has been built on personal relationships.

If you can copy success, our workshops and groups offer an alternative to high cost legal fees. After your success, China Marriage 101 Community invites you to stay connected and to help others with Free Lifetime membership

On March 9th, come join us at China Marriage 101 Community

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  1. Anthony & Xiaofeng Buono says:

    Thanks for the update, your assistance was great with the forms, just waiting like everyone else.

  2. Randy Marsh says:

    Thanks Anthony, Hope to chat with you at the new network site soon.

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