Changes for China Marriage and Fiance Visa Interview Appointments


The Consulate General in Guangzhou China has implemented a new system for visa appointments, document delivery, and fee collecting. The changes apply to both new and current applicants.

ALL applicants will need to register directly through CGI Stanley for visa interviews and passport delivery. American visa

These new changes have been the hottest talk at our network, China Marriage 101 Community. A few of our members recently had the opportunity to experience the new system first hand.

Michael said: ” Visa interview 4/15. Leaving for China on the 11th. New process, everything is same day at the consulate and they now have a service that is involved for document pickup for visas”.

David said: “The new procedure has just recently gone into service. The first appointment letter I received was what I expected. Report to Consulate at 12:30 on April 23rd. for document intake and fingerprints and return the next day for interview.

Three days later I received an update from US Consulate changing her appointment to 0700 with all processing the same day. Document intake and fingerprints in the morning and interview in the afternoon. Consulate will deliver documents to selected location by courier”.

Immigration attorney John Buda has new information that gives instructions delivered to all China Marriage and Fiance Visa applicants prior to their interview. You can read this new announcement here. > Changes to the U.S. Visa Application Process for Chinese Applicants

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