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John Buda

John Buda

Guest post by Immigration Attorney John Buda
Buda Law Group

Approvals of an I-130 after filing for a K3.  USCIS approves the I-130 and the NVC drops the K non-immigrant visa in the process.
What happens to the Children over 18?

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My name is John Buda.  I am an immigration attorney practicing in Los Angeles, California.  I am writing today to help clarify a complicated and clumsy part of the immigration code that deals with K4 children over 18.

As most readers of this blog already know, a K4 visa is the “derivative” of the K3 visa that is issued to the spouse of a US Citizen.  The K3 is issued to the spouse in order to allow the spouse to travel to the United States to join the US Citizen spouse, and change their status to that of permanent resident while here in the United States.

The advantages of knowing others that have completed the process of a Chinese marriage or bringing a Chinese fiance to the United States to tie the knot is learning about marriage requirements. Unfortunately for all of us, there is no U.S. Citizens and Immigration form or instructions titled “How To Be Prepared”.

Immunization Records

These are small tips that can save you and your loved one time and money. So, when it comes to marriage requirements for the process of  immigrating a spouse or fiance to the U.S., immunization and vaccination records are no exception.

After a successful interview for the K3 or K1 visa, and in the rush and excitement of getting ready to pack those important items to bring to the United States, don’t forget to bring a history of immunizations and vaccinations.

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