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The Consulate General in Guangzhou China has implemented a new system for visa appointments, document delivery, and fee collecting. The changes apply to both new and current applicants.

ALL applicants will need to register directly through CGI Stanley for visa interviews and passport delivery. American visa

These new changes have been the hottest talk at our network, China Marriage 101 Community. A few of our members recently had the opportunity to experience the new system first hand.

Michael said: ” Visa interview 4/15. Leaving for China on the 11th. New process, everything is same day at the consulate and they now have a service that is involved for document pickup for visas”.

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Avoiding Pitfalls Series – Marriage or Fiance Visa? Different Types of Affidavit of Support Docs

By John B. Buda

The USCIS requires that anyone sponsoring a family member for Permanent Residence (Green Card), must make a showing of financial support for the intending immigrant. This showing is achieved via one of the several different USCIS Affidavit of Support forms.

In a nutshell, if you are going for the green card via marriage, you need the longer and more complicated I-864 Affidavit of Support form. If you are bringing your loved one to the United States on the Fiance Visa, then the shorter, less detailed I-134 form is required. Most employment types of visas do not require support documentation.

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New Visa Application Fees

The Department of State announced new fees for nonimmigrant and immigrant visa applicants. While most nonimmigrant applications fees increased for tourist, business, students, and border crossing cards, the visa processing fee for (K) fiance visas decreased.

The new visa application fee for fiancee’s of U.S. citizens is $240. This is a decrease from the previous fee of $350. The visa application fee for immigrant visas such as the spouse or immediate relative of an U.S. citizen is now $230, also a decrease form the previous fee of $330.

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