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After years of developing friendships with U.S./Chinese couple we wanted a way to stay connected. Now, not only can we deliver information that can be up-dated on a moments notice, couples can stay connected for fellowship in the years to come.

The network format will provide members a means to share wedding, travel photos, and videos with each other. In addition, messaging, broadcast and IM, voice and video.

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China Marriage Visa Group – IR-1, CR-1, K-3, and Direct Consular Filing (DCF)
China Fiance Visa Group – Members filing K-1 Fiance Visas
Chinese Spouse/Fiance Support – Chinese members in the U.S. offering support and encouragement… Invite your loved one to join


#1 Pre-Flight for Marriage in China

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USCIS New Fee Schedule

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reminds customers
that its new fee schedule goes into effect Nov. 23, 2010.
Applications or petitions postmarked or otherwise filed on or after
this date must include the new fee, or they will be rejected.

I picked out some of the ones that are directly related to spouse
and fiance visas.

I-130    Petition for Alien Relative, From $355 to $420

I-485    Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status,
From $930 to $985

I-751    Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence, From $465  to
$505 (Add $85 biometric fee for a total of $590)

I-129F    Petition for Alien Fiancé(e), From $455  to  $340

Biometrics: Capturing, Processing, and Storing Biometric
Information, From $80 to $85

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"Chinese Women"

Chinese women meet in Nanning

On a trip to China this month, Xiaoying (center) spoke with other Chinese women awaiting immigration to the USA. In a newsletter sent to our friends and subscribers, we shared information to make it easy for spouses of U.S. citizens who are waiting for a visa to contact Xiaoying.

While my passion has been supporting U.S. citizens with their paperwork for registering for marriage in China, Xiaoying has enjoyed the friendships that have developed with their Chinese loved ones. At home in Wisconsin, Xiaoying speaks often, through email or live chat, to answer questions about immigrations and life in the USA.

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In 2010, USCIS has been aggressive in making their system more efficient so that immigration forms can be processed faster.

September 17th, 2010, is the cut-off date for applications to be received at USCIS Service Centers.  Now they must be mailed to the appropriate lockbox facilities.

The new updated forms with mailing instructions are now available for the following forms:

  • I-129F
  • I-130
  • I-140
  • I-526
  • I-539
  • I-817

Always download your immigration forms and instructions directly from the USCIS website or call the USCIS Forms Line at 1-800-870-3676 to order by mail. Here is a direct link:

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Recently, Xiaoying and I sent a special request to our U.S. subscribers who have traveled to China for marriage. We would both like to thank all of you for your response.

Also, many of you sent emails telling us you will be getting married in China in the months to come and will fill-out the survey at that time. We ask that you please do, as this information will continue to help our U.S. brothers who are first starting this journey.

As many of you know, current information is sometimes hard to find and discovering data from a group is more trustworthy then the information one may find by doing a Google search.

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Video on Chinese Weddings

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How important is a wedding to the Chinese. Have a look

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Many U.S. citizens seeking answers to their marriage immigration questions will turn to forums. Unfortunately, people can be biased and may make inaccurate statements. This is an example of what I have come across most recently:  “don’t do a K3 visa, it no longer exists”. To find the truth in 2010, on the IR-1, CR-1, and K3 visa, we will take a good look at the notice recently issued by the United States Department of State, National Visa Center (NVC). Also, to clear up any gray areas, we turn to immigration attorney, Ted Huang for his professional insight.

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Recently, I received an email from Don D., one of our readers from Southern California. He asked if it were possible to put a button on the website for English to Chinese translation. He explained to me that his fiancee, Cindy, can read English slowly but, if she could read the information in Chinese, she could absorb it much easier and quickly.

I thought this would be a great idea for Chinese Marriage USA. Since it was close to St. Patrick’s Day, I sent out the WordPress Leprechauns in search of an English to Chinese translation plugin. When the little guys returned they brought back the translation tool you can now find under the date in each post and at the bottom of each comment. When clicking on the word translate, a drop-down box will appear. If you click on “Powered by Google” it will translate the whole page by using Google translate.

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U.S. Congress adopted the Life Act of 2000 for the purpose of reuniting families that could be subject to a long period of separation during the process of immigration to the United States. The result of this act of Congress was the K3/K4 visa. The K3/K4, non-immigrant visa allows spouses of U.S. citizens and the children of those spouses who are under 21 years of age and unmarried to enter the U.S. while their I-130 petition was pending.

The I-129F, filed by the U.S. spouse on behalf of a K3/K4 spouse and their children was to speed things up. Recently U.S. Citizens and Immigration Service (USCIS) has eliminated much of it’s backlog, including the I-130, reducing the process time to where some say, it takes the same time for the I-130 as the I-129F to be approved.

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The advantages of knowing others that have completed the process of a Chinese marriage or bringing a Chinese fiance to the United States to tie the knot is learning about marriage requirements. Unfortunately for all of us, there is no U.S. Citizens and Immigration form or instructions titled “How To Be Prepared”.

Immunization Records

These are small tips that can save you and your loved one time and money. So, when it comes to marriage requirements for the process of  immigrating a spouse or fiance to the U.S., immunization and vaccination records are no exception.

After a successful interview for the K3 or K1 visa, and in the rush and excitement of getting ready to pack those important items to bring to the United States, don’t forget to bring a history of immunizations and vaccinations.

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