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China Marriage and Fiance Visa Case Management

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For U.S. petitioners, saving time bringing a Chinese spouse or fiance to the United States is of the highest priority.

The largest time savings can be achieved during the collection of Chinese supporting information.

Providing needed information for China Marriage and Fiance Visa petitions has become much faster thanks to specialized services for U.S/Chinese couples.

With Buda Law Group’s file sharing system, along with having a Chinese speaking female representative, makes the task of obtaining Chinese legal and personal information fast and worry free. BLG provides the same advanced technology for gathering information quickly and easily from the U.S. petitioner as well.

Obtaining Information Gets China Marriage and Fiance Visa Petitions Filed Fast

Chinese I-130 and I-129F Petitions

Simple Steps in English and Chinese

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From: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
November 20, 2013

Subject: Update on the processing times of Form I-130s filed by U.S. citizens for their eligible immediate relatives

Dear Stakeholder,

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has received communications from the public expressing concerns regarding extended processing times for Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, filed by U.S. citizens for their eligible immediate relatives. USCIS provides information below in response to the concerns expressed.

USCIS is ever-mindful of the need to process a U.S. citizen’s immediate relative Form I-130 carefully and expeditiously. The need is defined by the immigration system’s goal of preserving family unity. It is for this fundamental reason that USCIS has been focused on addressing delays in the processing of these Forms I-130 for several months.

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From Immigration Attorney John Buda

On September 3, 2013, the Department of State implemented a transition to an online immigrant visa application.  This change will require immigrant visa applicants for Marriage and Fiance visas to apply online using a new form, DS-260. Applicants will also choose their agent online using form DS-261.  These forms replace the paper DS-230 and DS-3032. The DS-230 was originally used by the State Dept as the application for a Green Card, (US Permanent Residence) when the applicant was overseas and had to go through a Consular Interview.  It was also used for the frequently used Fiancé Visa.

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The Consulate General in Guangzhou China has implemented a new system for visa appointments, document delivery, and fee collecting. The changes apply to both new and current applicants.

ALL applicants will need to register directly through CGI Stanley for visa interviews and passport delivery. American visa

These new changes have been the hottest talk at our network, China Marriage 101 Community. A few of our members recently had the opportunity to experience the new system first hand.

Michael said: ” Visa interview 4/15. Leaving for China on the 11th. New process, everything is same day at the consulate and they now have a service that is involved for document pickup for visas”.

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Avoiding Pitfalls Series – Marriage or Fiance Visa? Different Types of Affidavit of Support Docs

By John B. Buda

The USCIS requires that anyone sponsoring a family member for Permanent Residence (Green Card), must make a showing of financial support for the intending immigrant. This showing is achieved via one of the several different USCIS Affidavit of Support forms.

In a nutshell, if you are going for the green card via marriage, you need the longer and more complicated I-864 Affidavit of Support form. If you are bringing your loved one to the United States on the Fiance Visa, then the shorter, less detailed I-134 form is required. Most employment types of visas do not require support documentation.

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China Travel Visa




Kest Gregeris, the managing director for Travel Visa Pro sent me an update on applying for a China Visa. To help answer any questions, he agreed to respond to reader comments below.

To get answers, be sure to click…  Notify me of followup comments.

“Effective immediately, the Chinese Consulate now requires additional documentation. According to the Chinese Consulate, if you are applying for a tourist visa you will be required to submit a travel itinerary, confirmed hotel reservation, and a copy of your hosts’ ID or an invitation from your host.”

So, how does this apply to our readers going to meet a fiance or their spouse? What will they need from their Chinese loved one to get a China Visa? Many of our readers stay with their loved ones and not at hotels.

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New Visa Application Fees

The Department of State announced new fees for nonimmigrant and immigrant visa applicants. While most nonimmigrant applications fees increased for tourist, business, students, and border crossing cards, the visa processing fee for (K) fiance visas decreased.

The new visa application fee for fiancee’s of U.S. citizens is $240. This is a decrease from the previous fee of $350. The visa application fee for immigrant visas such as the spouse or immediate relative of an U.S. citizen is now $230, also a decrease form the previous fee of $330.

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John Buda

John Buda

Guest post by Immigration Attorney John Buda
Buda Law Group

Approvals of an I-130 after filing for a K3.  USCIS approves the I-130 and the NVC drops the K non-immigrant visa in the process.
What happens to the Children over 18?

Mr. Buda welcomes your questions in comments below.

My name is John Buda.  I am an immigration attorney practicing in Los Angeles, California.  I am writing today to help clarify a complicated and clumsy part of the immigration code that deals with K4 children over 18.

As most readers of this blog already know, a K4 visa is the “derivative” of the K3 visa that is issued to the spouse of a US Citizen.  The K3 is issued to the spouse in order to allow the spouse to travel to the United States to join the US Citizen spouse, and change their status to that of permanent resident while here in the United States.


News From Chinese Marriage USA

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Community Member Creates a Blog

Blog Post

Blog Post

At China Marriage 101 Community, members can create their own blog. A good place to share their stories about marriage in China and the process of getting their spouse to the United States.

One of our members  from Dayton Ohio wrote a blog post about his experience with China Marriage 101 and the support he received. I want to thank Kent for the kind words. You can read his blog post at China Marriage 101 Community Magazine.

No Skype Group Call This Week

Next week we will have a group call-in on Skype. The Skype to Skype call-in is open to members. But, we need to get connected first.

Skype Group Call

Group Call-In

How to be included on Skype Group Calls

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China Marriage 101 on Skype

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Tonight at 8pm Central time, we are going to have our first group conference using Skype. I got the idea after watching Xiaoying’s Bible study group use the feature.

This will be open to members at China Marriage 101 Community. If we are not already connected on Skype we will need to get connected after I give you the group ID. This will allow me to add your ID to the group call.

After we connect on Skype, I will call the group from my Skype dashboard. Try to get signed up before the conference.

If you don’t have Skype, it is a free download..

For instructions, go to the “Forum” at and click “Announcements”.

Bring your question or just stop by and say hello to the group. Hope to see you tonight.

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