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Knowledge is a  powerful tool… and the quickest way to get your loved one to the United States.

Chinese Marriage USA

Randy & Xiaoying

For Xiaoying and myself, after our marriage in 2005, we discovered that many were confused over forms, supporting documents, finding current information and having “no one to turn to for help”.

With our newsletter subscription, being available to help other U.S./Chinese couples has had it’s benefits.

We have enlisted 100’s of successful petitioners who reported on their experience filing Chinese Marriage and Fiance Visas.. We also studied cases of those who reported difficulties.

The Goal…

What first-hand experience teaches is: “How to move forward without mistakes or delays”. We learn to be ready by having what will be needed through the different stages of the immigration process.

But more importantly…

We learn what can stand in the way of achieving that goal?

  • Outdated or misleading information online or from well intentioned friends
  • Confusion over forms, instructions, or supporting documents
  • Not knowing how to establish evidence and documented proof of a “real relationship”
  • Not understanding what will be needed by U.S. Citizens and Immigration Service (USCIS), the National Visa Center (NVC), or for U.S. Consulate processing
  • Not knowing how to prepare loved ones for the U.S. Consulate interview

Learn From First-Hand Experience

Thinking about hiring legal services? Learn what questions to ask. Scorned U.S. petitioners don’t hesitate sharing their fury…

Want to file your own petitions? Follow and copy successful petitioners…

Knowledge is Powerful… It is the quickest way to achieve your goals..


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